Questions I asked included: Is there enough wood for outstretched wings? How can I use the sweeping root in the hollow? The Process I ground off the frazzled wood to see what was solid and to show what cracks, rot or other problem areas I might have to deal with.

A center line and where birds would be was chalked in.


I located three areas on the bottom of the piece that would sit on the table. I flattened them so they were on the same plane and chalked in their locations. Then I could carve away all around them knowing that the piece would be stable on its tripod.

With my chainsaw, I separated the raven wings. The wood didn’t allow for realistically long raven wings, and the high angle of the wings is at or above the normal limit a raven raises its wings when flying. But I felt that the wings could convey the information that the raven was flying hard and fast to escape the harassment of the robins. With interpretives, the artist can push reality to where it stops making sense. I felt that the wings I had left would provide enough information for the viewer to fill in the rest.

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